Technical Components

The FAB project will include several technical components:

  • Two pairs of high voltage DC submarine cables, each nearly 180 km long (in two sections: France to Alderney and Alderney to Britain);
  • Two pairs of high voltage DC underground cables in three sections (all distances approximate):
    • 25 km in France to reach the converter station adjacent to the 400,000 volt Menuel substation;
    • 3km across Alderney
    • 21km in England to reach the converter station to be connected into the 400,000 volt Exeter substation;
  • An underground chamber to each landing junction to connect the submarine and terrestrial cables;
  • A converter station at each end of the link for converting the direct current into alternating current
  • A short length of alternating current cabling may be required at the British end if the British converter station is not adjacent to Exeter substation.