The “FAB” project (France – Alderney – Britain) is to build an electrical interconnector underwater and underground between France and Great Britain.

The project will consist of one pair of electrical cables, a converter station at each end, and connections into the high voltage grids at each end. It will travel nearly 220 km between the electrical substations at Menuel, on the Cotentin peninsula in France, and that near Exeter, in Devon, England.

This project, which allows a maximum transmission of 1250MW (1MW is 1000kW), will help to meet the need for increasing the capacity of energy trade between the two countries and thus contribute to the energy transition in Europe.

FAB was recognized as a “Project of Common Interest” by the European Union following support received from both the French and UK governments. The FAB project has received funding from the European Commission through the Connecting Europe Facility.

This project is being jointly developed by RTE and FAB Link Limited.

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