FAB Link maintain the need for urgency to progress interconnector

FAB Link’s independent assessment has underlined the clear justification for additional interconnector capacity between Britain and France.

A separate study, on behalf of the French energy regulator CRE, suggests that it appears necessary to wait for more clarity on the terms and conditions of Brexit, as well as on the evolution of the market fundamentals and on the implementation of public policies that may favourably impact the value of new interconnectors between Britain and France.

James Dickson, FAB Link Project Director, said: “We will be reviewing the detail of this development and the underlining assessment which has informed the position of the CRE (Commission de régulation de l’énergie/Regulatory Commission of Energy).

“FAB Link’s recent assessment conducted by an external consulting firm concluded there was a clear justification for the FAB interconnector project to proceed. We continue to strive to find the best way to proceed. We will work with our partner RTE, and with the British and French regulators to find the best solution for this project of international importance.

“The FAB Project will increase energy security, bring new competition in wholesale energy markets, and contribute to the increased use of renewable energy in Britain and France.

“International infrastructure projects of this nature require long-term development and construction commitment before the benefits can be delivered and, in our view, these fundamentals remain sound, and the sooner we can complete the project the sooner the benefits will flow to consumers and businesses in both countries.

“FAB Link Ltd and its partners have already secured a wide range of onshore and offshore permissions that will enable the 1.4GW interconnector project to move quickly to the construction stage once we have regulatory approval.”