FAB Project makes final route selection for interconnector

Partners FAB Link Limited and RTE, the promoters of the FAB Project, have made a final decision on the interconnector’s route between France and the UK.

The selected route crosses the English Channel / La Manche without the need to make landfall on the island of Alderney.

James Dickson, the FAB Link Project Director, said: “Since 2017 we have been working on the basis that we had the option to pursue either of two potential routes.

“One, which crosses Alderney, was designed to provide a route to market in the UK and France for tidal electricity generated in the island’s waters.

“The second route bypasses the island without making landfall there. Given ongoing uncertainties around the need for Alderney to export electricity, the promoters have decided to proceed with this second route.

“This gives us more certainty, as we need to work with fewer permissions, approvals and licences. It is also a more cost-effective route, and it will take less time to lay the cables.

“Following our joint agreement in February to review the project and provide updated information to regulators, this marks another step forward towards our aim of securing a final investment decision and starting construction in 2025.”