Technical Components

The FAB project will include several technical components:

  • Two pairs of 320kV high voltage DC submarine cables, each nearly 170 km long;
  • Two pairs of 320kV high voltage DC underground cables in two sections (all distances approximate):
    • 25 km in France to reach the converter station adjacent to the 400kV Menuel substation;
    • 15km in England to reach the converter station;
  • Two pairs of high voltage AC underground cables to connect the 5 km distance between the UK converter station and the 400kV Exeter substation;
  • An underground chamber to each landing junction to connect the submarine and terrestrial cables;
  • A converter station at each end of the link for converting the direct current into alternating current;
  • The initial cable route was proposed to be via the channel island of Alderney with a 1 km section of underground high voltage DC underground cable in order to ease the connection of future renewable tidal stream generation in the seas around Alderney. However, due to delays and uncertainties relating to the consenting process, an alternative route has been developed to the east of Alderney that does not preclude the future connection of tidal generation in Alderney waters. The selection of the final cable route (over or around Alderney) will not be confirmed until the conclusion of the ongoing review of the Land Use Plan and proposed amendment to the Building and Development Control (Alderney) Law 2002 which is expected to conclude in mid-2018
  • The FAB Link interconnector does not include any overhead lines.