Views of people of Alderney welcomed at FAB Project consultation event

Proposals to install an electricity interconnector between France, Alderney and Britain have been unveiled to residents of the island.

A well-attended event at the Island Hall was told about the benefits the project would bring to Alderney, bringing immediate opportunities for fibre-optic broadband connection to the island and delivering the power cable infrastructure required for future connections to the UK and France.

The 1,400 megawatt underground and subsea interconnector would come ashore in Alderney at Longis Bay and Corblets Bay and would consist entirely of subsea and underground cables.

Nearly 300 people attended the event on August 10th which gave them an opportunity to discuss the initiative with members of the FAB Project team.

Questions were asked about the planning process as well as potential future impacts of planned tidal power generation. Chris Jenner, the FAB Development Manager, said: “We were very pleased to have met so many people, and would like to thank everyone who took the time to come along.

“We acknowledge and respect the concerns raised by some of the residents. However, we would like to reiterate that the planning process we are following means that at this stage we are consulting on the FAB Project’s underground and subsea cables.

“We still welcome further feedback on the FAB Project undersea and underground cables, and there is an opportunity for people who weren’t able to attend the event to give us their views via our website.”

Alderney Renewable Energy (ARE) is one of the partners in the FAB Project. Declan Gaudion, Director of ARE, said: “We will continue to work closely with local stakeholders and the States of Alderney to further develop our tidal generation proposals, including a proposed converter station in Mannez Quarry in due course, which are separate from the FAB Project.

“This will provide an opportunity at the right time in the future for ARE to come forward with detailed proposals and assessments in order that local stakeholders will be better informed on the basis of facts and evidence, rather than speculation.

“ARE looks forward to continued development of the FAB Project, which will enable us to develop the biggest opportunity our Island has – tidal energy projects.”

The public consultation on the FAB Project is running from July 25th to September 5th. Full details of the consultation and exhibition material is available online at, as well as an online feedback form.